general notes

  • During the transcription process, some choices had to be made in a way to produce clearer and playable scores, those decisions were made in order to conceive a better experience with the material.
  • The transcriptions were made by the audio files extracted from available movie copies. Unfortunately, they presented poor sound quality and definition, what affects directly the frequencies and overtones. Seen that, the low comprehensibility and high levels of noise of the recordings may have compromised some passages.
  • The precise time description in each score must not be considered as absolute. Because the hours, minutes and seconds were marked by the copies we found available. Other copies [analog of digital] may present variations on that matter.
  • The transposing instruments were notated in their respectively transpositions in all moments they were alone in their staves. At the few hybrid harmonic voicings cases, notated together both transposing and non-transposing instruments, we chose to notate them in concert pitch.
  • The "Trecho Orquestral Ia" from Seara Vermelha was not trnascribed entirely due to a technical problem with the film reel we had access to, making impossible to listen a great portion of the excerpt. Because of that, we opted to omit this score.
  • Concerning the notation of the Afro-Brazilian percussion:

    In the recordings, bongos were used many times instead of the atabaques, possibly a result of financial and / or technical limitations. We chose to notate all the dubious parts [bongos, congas, timbas, etc.] as atabaques, in a way to standardize the scores, additionally, we believe that this is the most appropriate esthetical position to stand for.

    All the rhythm patterns that are repeated for long durations were simplified, omitting small improvised variations.

    The gã, or gan, is a type of cowbell.

    Agdavi is a type of drumstick used in Afro-Brazilian musical traditions.



afro-brazilian percussion legend

D: right hand            E: left hand

instruments abbreviation list

Picc. [Piccolo/Piccolo]

Fl. [Flauta/Flute]

Fl. A. [Flauta Alto/Alto Flute]

Pf. [Pife/Pife]

Cl. Bb [Clarinete em Bb/Bb Clarinet]

Clarone [Clarone/Bass Clarinet]

Sax A. [Saxofone Alto/Alto Saxophone]

Sax T. [Saxofone Tenor/Tenor Saxophone]

Sax B. [Saxofone Barítono/Baritone Saxophone]

Ob. [Oboé/Oboe]

C. Ing. [Corne Inglês/English Horn]

Fgt. [Fagote/Basson]

Tpa. [Trompa/French Horn]

Tpt. Bb [Trompete em Bb/Bb Trumpet]

Tbn. [Trombone/Trombone]

Tbn. B. [Trombone Baixo/Bass Trombone]

Tb. [Tuba/Tuba]


Vln. [Violino/Violin]

Vla. [Viola/Viola]

Vc. [Violoncelo/Cello]

Cb. [Contrabaixo/Double-bass]


V. Fem. [Voz Feminina/Female Voice]

V. Masc. [Voz Masculina/Male Voice]

Pno. [Piano/Piano]

Gtr. [Guitarra/Electric Guitar]



Cx. [Caixa/Snare Drum]

Perc. [Percussão/Percussion]

At. [Atabaque/Atabaque]

Ag. [Agogô/Agogô]

Vib. [Vibrafone/Vibraphone]

Xil. [Xilofone/Xilophone]

Tpn. [Tímpano/Timpani]

B. [Bombo/Bass Drum]

Zab. [Zabumba/Zabumba]

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