The content provided by this website can be considered as the first step in the research of part of Moacir Santos' career, resulting from a master's dissertation entitled: "A trilha musical como gênese do processo criativo na obra de Moacir Santos" [The film scoring as genesis of the creative process in the work of Moacir Santos]. This research concentrates in the early 1960s, the Brazilian period of his film music production.

In 2018 a doctoral research was published focusing on Santos' film music productions during the first decades the composer lived in the United States, approximately from 1967 to 1985. At that time, Santos became an in-demand composer for American film and television, having composed for important films and series of the time. As an integral part of the doctoral research, an extensive field research was carried out in California between 2015 and 2016, based at the University of California at Los Angeles [UCLA]. The main focus of the period abroad was a series of interviews with professionals who have worked with Santos. The research also extended to various collections, with special attention given to the personal documents belonging to the Santos family, who live in California, which include scores, notebooks, books, records and other important material. We hope that its findings can be added to this website soon, in order to make available for the public an increasingly more complete and up to date content. Meanwhile, the doctoral thesis can be accessed in this link.

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Lucas Zangirolami Bonetti

Nailor Azevedo - "Proveta"

André Mehmari [general musical reviewer]
Nailor "Proveta" Azevedo [woodwind and brass reviewer]
Ari Colares [popular percussion reviewer]
Fernando Hashimoto [symphonic percussion reviewer]
Fernando Corrêa [guitar, electric guitar and bass reviewer]
Paulo Moura [vocal reviewer]
Douglas Berti [piano, accordion e bandoneon reviewer]
Sérgio Schreiber e Marisa Silveira [bowed strings reviewers]

Lucas Zangirolami Bonetti

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Lucas Zangirolami Bonetti
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Nailor Azevedo - "Proveta"
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Personal archive of Santos family
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São Paulo Research Foundation [FAPESP] [grant#2012/11195-4; grant#2013/23992-9; and grant#2015/03111-3], Itaú Cultural, UNICAMP Arts Instituct, Marianna Kamiya Gouveia, Gilberto Bonetti, Rose Zangirolami, Moacir Santos Jr., Andrea Ernest Dias, Mario Adnet, Zé Nogueira, Ney Carrasco, Paulo Tiné, Flávio Ramos Tambellini, Regina Werneck, Adriana Vendramini [Copyrights Consultoria], Carlos Diegues, Fátima Fonseca [Luz Mágica Produções], Ruy Guerra, Nei Lopes, Sony ATV, Sara Kim, Andre Checchia Antonietti, Daniel Tápia, Renan Paiva Chaves, Lucas Brogiolo, Ivan Eiji Simurra, Marcos de Luca, Bárbara Ianelli, Randal Johnson, Paul Smith, Mark Levine, Sanifu Hall, Dean Christopher, Ray Pizzi, Patrick McLaughlin, Rique Pantoja, Sergio Mielniczenko, Schuyler Dunlap Whelden.

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additional credits - transcriptions/reviewers

Lucas Zangirolami Bonetti [general music transcriber]

Lucas Zangirolami Bonetti is a post-doc fellow at University of São Paulo, Brazil, and holds a Doctoral and a Master degree at State University of Campinas, Brazil (supported by the São Paulo Research Foundation) where he studied the work of Brazilian composer Moacir Santos through analysis of his film scores. He has presented his research at conferences in Brazil, Argentina, and the United States. Bonetti has also performed as a guitar player at Orquestra Jovem Tom Jobim and Big Band da Santa, as leads several authorial projects. Bonetti currently teaches teaches Theory, Ear Training, and Guitar at the Municipal Music Conservatory of Barueri and Harmony in the Film Scoring graduate program at Anhembi Morumbi.

André Mehmari [general music reviewer]

Pianist, arranger, composer e multi-instrumentalist. Awarded both in the classical field [Nascente-USP, Camargo Guarnieri Competition and Carlos Gomes Award] and popular [Visa, Nascente-USP], André had his compositions and arrangements played by some of the most expressive orchestral and chamber groups, among them OSESP, OSB, Sujeito a Guincho and Villa-Lobos Quintet. As a pianist, he performed with Milton Nascimento, Guinga, Mônica Salmaso, Toninho Horta, and many other names musicians from the Brazilian popular music. Besides that, recorded and released Contínua Amizade, with Hamilton de Holanda; De Árvores e Valsas...; Miramari, with Gabriele Mirabassi; Nonada, Grammy nominated in 2008; and Afetos.

Nailor Azevedo - "Proveta" [additional music transcriber, woodwind and brass reviewer]

Started his professional career in the late 1970s, in São Paulo, yet played and lived with music since childhood. Joined the orchestra of maestro Sylvio Mazzucca and, throughout his path, performed at concerts and recordings with several Brazilian and international artists. He is the bandleader of Banda Mantiqueira, Brazilian jazz group with which released the albums Aldeia [1996], Grammy nominated in 1998 in the Latin Jazz category; Bixiga [2000], Terra Amantiqueira [2005]; besides three albums in partnership with OSESP. Nowadays, he is the artistic director of the School of the Auditório Ibirapuera and conductor of the Furiosa Orchestra.

Ari Colares [popular percussion reviewer]

Musician and educator specialized in percussion and Brazilian rhythms.

Perform in Brazil and abroad, teaching or playing with important musicians. Already performed along with Naná Vasconcelos, Egberto Gismonti, Mônica Salmaso, Zizi Possi, Ceumar, among others. Takes part of several projects with the pianist Benjamim Taubkin, as Clareira and Al Qantara, traveling to many different countries.

Fernando Corrêa [guitar, electric guitar and bass reviewer]

Guitar player, holds an undergraduate and a master degree from Kunst Universitat in Graz [Austria]. Teaches guitar at FASM since 2006 and perform at São Paulo State Jazz Symphonic Orchestra since 2000. Recorded and released several albums: Em Contraste [1996], Marea [1996], Fernando Corrêa [2002] and Dez Arranjos [2012]. He is also the author of a number of didactic books: Improvisação para guitarra e outros instrumentos [2004], Brazilian Play-Along [Ed. Free Note, 2006], Estudo rítmico sobre Coltrane [Ed. Som, 2010] and Guitarra básico 1 [Projeto Guri, 2011].

Paulo Celso Moura [vocal reviewer]

Professor of Choral Conducting at the UNESP Arts Institute [São Paulo] and conductor of the OSESP Foundation Youth Choir, which also provides training courses for public school teachers. He was professor at FASM and at São Caetano do Sul Municipal University, where he worked intensively on the implementation process of the Culture Municipal Plan of the city.

Sérgio Schreiber [bowed strings reviewer]

BA in Music [cello]. He was a member of OSESP [São Paulo State Symphonic Orchestra] between 1989 and 1994. Plays at São Paulo State Jazz Symphonic Orchestra since 1997 [since 2005 as first cellist] and at OSUSP [São Paulo University Symphonic Orchestra] since 1995 [Concertino].

Marisa Silveira [bowed strings reviewer]

Studied at the Dramatic and Musical Conservatory "Dr. Carlos de Campos" of Tatuí. Played at the São Paulo Municipal Symphonic Orchestra from 1984 to 1994 and, since 1994, perform at the São Paulo State Jazz Symphonic Orchestra as a cellist.

Douglas Berti [piano, accordion and bandoneon reviewer]

Composer and conductor graduated at UNESP, has a Master degree on film music [UNICAMP]. Transcribed and digitalized works from the colonial period, from composers from the state of Minas, works of the UNESP Arts Institute [Villani­Cortes], and important hymnbooks from CNBB. Composed film scores for TV [Record/SBT], perform as a music productor in São Paulo studios, and most recently as a piano player of the Café Latino Brazilian Orchestra [Pullmantur], in European tours.

The scores were transcribed over eight months, for an academic research. Afterwards, six more months were needed to submit them through meticulous reviews by important musicians, each one being responsible for one instrument or a group of instruments. Lastly, the material went through a general review and the diagramming process, in order to provide the best possible content.

Fernando Hashimoto [symphonic percussion reviewer]

Professor of percussion e rhythmic at UNICAMP since 2001, he is also the founder and director of GRUPU – Percussion Group of UNICAMP. Fernando is Ph.D. in percussion at CUNY [with CAPES/Fulbright grant], and graduated in music at UNICAMP. Performed as a timpanist at the Campinas Municipal Symphonic Orchestra and, as a soloist, has already taught clinics and recitals at various universities and international festivals.

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